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the strangest thing you’ve never heard of.


in case you’ve missed the memo, i am fast approaching 30 (as in…less than four months away!) if you had asked me a few years ago what i would be doing at age thirty, i would have said something along the lines of “married, starting a family, owning a cat because k doesn’t like dogs, practicing lots of yoga…”

okay so maybe none of that has panned out. but the point is, you know what i didn’t plan on dealing with at thirty?

crappy skin.

now, i should point out that i have never had great skin. in the past few years it has blessedly settled down – i very rarely get blemishes any more – but it’s still way more oily than i would think somebody 15 years out of puberty would have to deal with. i’ve never had good (or any) luck with cleansers or toners or any of that happy crap, either.

so after doing some research, i finally took a leap of faith and embarked on this wonderful adventure known as the oil cleansing method.

now you can read a very comprehensive explanation of OCM here, and a very funny real-life account of it here. but i’ll give you an abridged version: you take oil. you wash your face with it. BOOM. done.

slightly more elaborate? the scientific idea of “like dissolves like” applies here. by using a combination of castor oil and a secondary oil of your choice (i use grapeseed oil), you basically saturate your pores with oil, steam your face with a super-hot washcloth to let the oil sink in, and then – voila! – an epically odd skin solution.

i’ve been using OCM for about a week now, and here’s what i have to say:

  • first off, it’s legit, in that my skin is considerably less oily throughout the day. i can now make it through a 6-hour day of teaching and classes and have only minimal shine. and it’s not oily at all when i wake up in the morning – basically unheard of for me.
  • it’s not as labor-intensive as one might initially believe it to be. five minutes, tops.
  • i can’t say it’s made a difference in my pores, in regards to size or just the fact that they get full of crap by the end of a day, but i’m thinking that may happen as my face adjusts.
  • all in all – 10/10 would do again. it cost me 10$ for the castor and grapeseed oils, and they will last me for three forevers.

there ya have it, folks. now in addition to perplexing people by the fact that i eat bacon and cheese and heavy cream every day, i can further confuse them when i say i wash my face with oil!

really though. give it a whirl.


Author: jenn

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2 thoughts on “the strangest thing you’ve never heard of.

  1. I’m 26, and still have crappy skin. Definitely WAY better than when I was in high school and even college, so I’m actually pretty grateful for that, but still!

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