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if there’s a grid, i’m off it.

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six days out from my meet and i’m in that headspace where i have complete tunnel vision.

making weight is going to be a bitch – i’m carrying a lot more lean mass than in october, so cutting to 56kg is going to get gnarly. i’m hovering around 60.5kg right now, and that’s a 3kg drop since last week – water and some body fat, since i was totally a little fluffy to begin with.

but yea, for the next six days i’m going to be living and breathing this meet. in between i still have to teach and go to class and watch the Cats win their 9th national championship (and my blood pressure has gone up about 39576 points this tournament thanks to them) and continue drinking obscene amounts of water and eating great things like unseasoned ground turkey and unsalted everything.

i’m going to be as aesthetic as a short square brick-human can get come friday morning when we dry me out, but until then…well, bear with me because it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

we timed my meet prep really well; i’m peaking just at the right time. my openers are picked (200/121/276) and as long as i hit my second attempts (220/132/303) i have a crack at a 700 total. i’m excited. i’m nervous. and i have to pee every ten minutes.

i really just need to make it to and through weigh-in. once i see that 56.0 pop up friday morning i’m going to (a) probably cry with joy, only i’ll have no tears because i’ll be do damn dried out, (b) mainline pedialyte on the drive back to lexington, and (c) start plannig how i’m going to crush this meet.

it’s gonna be good. i just need to be a hermit for a little while longer.


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impossible to define; indefinitely impossible. maybe i'll add more here later.

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