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one week down: STV induction.

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i successfully completed the first week of my coach’s new programming. and by “successfully” i mean “didn’t keel over or feel like Alpo despite the Shit Ton of Volume.”

actually, my body is digging the volume and i felt great all week. some initial thoughts:

  • 9 workouts a week isn’t as time-consuming as one might think. the morning session of my 2-a-days is SUPER short. like, i was in and out in 35 minutes yesterday. there’s one afternoon session that’s a little on the longer because it’s about eight different high-rep accessory lifts, but other than that, every session easily fits in an hour.
  • and speaking of short sessions, 2 of my 9 each week are sprint cycles. including warm-up and cool-down, these go maybe 25 minutes. on the day i run, that’s literally all i do besides copious amounts of foam rolling and mobility; the day i spin/row, i add in a little bit of body weight strength work too, since the those sprints don’t beat me up as badly as the running ones do.
  • i love the volume. love it. i feel great, my sessions are fun, and i anticipate putting on some good size in the next few months.
  • the new bar placement on my squat is making a huge difference. i’m finally feeling what it means to drive into the bar and keep my hips under.

it’s exciting to think about getting stronger, making progress in my lifts. the only competition lift i’m actually doing right now is my squat – i have snatch-grip deadlifts as an accessory once a week, and no flat benching as of right now.

i will say this: i was sore as shit all week. not debilitating soreness, but enough to know it was there – especially in my hamstrings. and since my posterior chain is what we’re aiming to grow the most, that’s what we want. : )

happy happy weekend, all!


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