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raid my ipod.


i study music for a living. however, i have really eclectic tastes when it comes to my life outside of the classroom. lately i’ve realized that my lifting/training playlists are getting more and more bizarre – it’s not always old-school eminem that pumps me up for lifts. it could be a ballad that just really digs in my gut. so i bring you…a peek into my ipod!


coconut skins – damien rice

i’ve been perfecting my forearm balances to this song for a week now. : )


latch – disclosure ft. sam smith

this song is just straight-up sexy. done and done.


sail – AWOLnation

i admit it, it heard this the first time on a jon north/attitude nation training montage. but dang it’s catchy.


sing – ed sheeran

again, this song is just sexy. plus i love ed sheeran.


orange sky – alexi murdoch

here’s an example of a ballad-y song that just locked itself into my gut and gives me chills. and yes, i have squat 200+ to this song.


breezeblocks – alt-j

a yoga student turned me onto alt-j and i’m obsessed.


welp there ya have it – listen, watch, and enjoy!



Author: jenn

impossible to define; indefinitely impossible. maybe i'll add more here later.

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