becoming infinite

always learning. always growing. always lifting heavy things.


a dozen things you absolutely didn’t need to know about me

1. i sleep with a teddy bear. i also have a back-up bear, in case anything happens to daniel (my current bear).

1b. my girlfriend loves my bear more than she does me. or so she likes me to believe. 😛

2. i have an irrational fear of going to the dentist.

3. nothing stresses me out more than issues with my car and/or my technological devices.

4. my left leg is an inch shorter than my right.

5. the darker the beer, the better i’m probably going to like it.

6. when i’m sad i listen to “we’re alright” by alabama shakes. at deafening levels.

7. i just recently got a guitar and am slowly learning how to play.

8. i love (LOVE!) bright colors.

9. my ears are stretched, right now to a size 2.

10. i train in neon green and turquoise chucks.

11. i have two tattoos and am itching for my third.

12. strawberry frosted pop-tarts are by far the most superior pop-tart flavor. keep it simple.