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oh, hey – it’s june.

when did that happen?!

the last week of may brought me an ass-kicking tempo run (5 miles total, middle 3 being tempo. goal pace of 7:34; splits 7:23, 7:20, 7:15 – outdoors, and for the first time this cycle i didn’t hit a light until the final mile. i feel like i’m learning my legs more and more every time i take a speed workout outside/off the treadmill).

after said tempo run i had about 90 minutes to kill before i subbed a cycling class. so in my imminent wisdom, i stripped off my shirt and collapsed into a sweaty heap sat delicately on the lawn outside of the gym. i of course fell asleep, and that 11am cat-nap led to:


hi my name is jenn and i’m PALE. and even though the rest of my body had gotten quite tan from running my belly had not actually seen the sun yet. soooo…exhibit a.

whomp whomp.

more fitness thoughts: i’m finishing up Week 4 of my training cycle/new lifting plan. i know i shouldn’t expect to see results yet (as far as my new lifting plan/wanting to get more size), but i’m going to tweak what i’m doing a bit anyhow. namely, more compound movements and actually training my legs in earnest at least once a week. i’m not as serious about my running plan for this race, so i don’t have to be as concerned about smoking my legs on a lift.

this is Project: Stop Being a Noodle. welcome to the ride! (in honor of P:SBAN i may have had a 4-egg omelet with cheese and two chopped up turkey burgers for breakfast. and toast. don’t judge.)



a camelbak, a bro tank, and a noodle.

i spent the bulk of my downtime this weekend watching either the IFBB New York Pro or Week 2 of the CrossFit Regional competition. which, cumulatively, has led me to one overarching conclusion: i am a noodle.

to counteract my feeling of noodle-ness, then, i went ahead and took the one actual t-shirt i have (all of my other shirts are technical shirts from races – i avoid cotton t-shirts like the plague) and bro-tanked it. in a slightly more tasteful manner than guys can get away with.

bro tank 1nothing says “bro tank” like a day-glo sports bra.

bro tank 2…still a noodle. damn.

especially appropriate because i had what my friend jokingly calls my “bro day” split today – chest, bis, and tris. and i squat. and it was all glorious, and my armpits felt so free and liberated.

i took my camelbak out for its debut run yesterday, and let me tell ya – that thing is going to be a godsend for the summer. however…i do look just a liiiiitle bit oddball. between the camelbak, which i tie off around my torso with the extra tails from the shoulder straps to keep the pack from slipping, and the ipod and the garmin (and the scooby snacks stuffed in my bra)…i’m a sight to behold for sure.

Photo 87it wasn’t even too terribly hot, but i was long-term dehydrated from the day before and the run itself was kind of crappy. i have pretty crappy places to run in my new neighborhood – it’s constant out-and-backs, which i hate. plus my sports bra bled pink ink all over my shirt and my camelbak. lame!

it was definitely worth the 27$ splurge though. it’s lightweight, had just enough water for my run – and i didn’t fill it all the way, so it’ll be good for longer runs too – and the bite-and-sip straw is pretty freaking cool.

Photo 89it’s so cool i did a little dance. still a noodle.

i hope everyone is having an extraordinary weekend! long weekends are the best…until that first morning back to the grind comes along!



well my birfday week is almost over! i had to have a very important conversation with my UPS delivery man today.

**knock knock**
UPS man: Hello again! (third day in a row I have gotten a package)
Me: Hi. (sign my name)
Me: Just for the record – I don’t have an online shopping problem. It was my birthday this week and I got some gifts. My family lives far away. …Just wanted to clear that up.

he didn’t need to know that three of the four packages I received in those three days, I bought myself. however, i am now the proud owner of the old navy items i babbled about here,

a shiny new pair of running shoes (courtesy of dad),

borthday saucs

and a camelbak to prevent long run dehydration for the summer!

51TRnZQbWDL._camelbak-charm-50-oz-hydration-pack-blue-shadow-dream-blue,0,0,0,0,arial,0,0,0,0_SX500_the camelbak was dirt cheap on amazon. the other colors were way cooler, but way pricier. so i had to tame my love of neon in the name of fiscal responsibility.

took the saucs for a test drive today, and they survived an easy 2-miler plus 7 rounds of hill sprints. my legs…not so much.

i put way too many onions in my eggs and now i have a tummy ache.

i watched this australian indie film last night and…hot damn. indie films have a way of burning themselves into your mental retinas, for better or for worse. this one was highly disturbing, but quite well done.

it’s pretty much the weekend. which means: playlist-buildin’, lift plannin’, and grocery shoppin’. the IFBB NY Pro is also this weekend, and CrossFit regionals are under way, so i have many live streams to occupy my downtime.

(side note/secret: i sort of want to do a figure competition. because i’m competitive and the workouts would be killer. but the whole ‘extreme diet’ thing makes me think that it’s a terrible idea for me, and that i might punch somebody in the face when my carbs get into the single digits right before the show. plus, i can’t walk in heels.)

this has been a random friday post. and no, i’m not drinking. although, now that you mention it, that does sound like a good idea…



countdown to 29.

i’ll be 29 in less than a week. i’m rather anxious to vacate my 20s, since for the most part they were awful…but alas, i have one year left. so in the last moments of my 28s, i have:

  • run an outdoor tempo run (last thursday). it was insanely hard, not because of the pace, but because i simply cannot gauge my legs accurately. i’m way too used to doing treadmill tempo runs. forcing myself outdoors will be good for me!
  • discovered (okay, not really – my old roomie told me about it) a seafood market in town that serves the most amazing whitefish sandwiches. i may have had two of them on friday. and then fallen asleep at about 7pm.
  • gotten my eyeballs checked so that i could successfully renew my license. eyes freak me out, so having somebody poke around and put nine million drops in mine is exceedingly terrible for me.
  • successfully completed a set of ten 21″ box jumps. like, didn’t bite it even once.
  • made and devoured roasted chickpeas. delicious.
  • tried unsuccessfully to accomplish double-unders. or even a single double-under. i also am terrible at jumping rope to begin with, so i’m not sure what kind of magic i was expecting.

this is a decidedly uninteresting post. i have the promise of the internet man coming on friday, but i also picked up some extra classes at the gym that afternoon so unless they can guarantee me he’ll be out of my place by 3:30…well, i’ll continue to be web-less.

i’m quite enjoying living alone. i have nobody’s drama to deal with but my own, i can walk around topless, and i cook every day. which is an adventure, but it’s fun nonetheless.

i also have a strong urge to buy a guitar. and learn how to play.

maybe i’ll do that before i turn 30.


i’m writing this from hell.

no, really.

this new training cycle? it better make me jacked. or ripped. or look like DLB. or run a sub-45:00 10k in july. or something. because i am so unbelievably sore.

first off, since i won’t be maxing/lifting heavy singles for the next 8 weeks, dumbass here figured, ‘let’s max my squat and deadlift on sunday!’

pro tip: don’t do that in your life ever.

(as a side note, my squat 1RM is 130# (barf) and my deadlift is 205#. i failed my first attempt at 205, and got super riled for the second one. unlike my 200# pull from a few months ago – which was ugly and technically illegal due to some serious hitching/ramping – this one was clean and i even held it at the top for a few seconds after i locked out. i probably had a 210 or 215 in me, but i called it a day.)

it goes without saying that i felt like i got hit by a bus yesterday morning. and yesterday i also started my new training cycle. lighter weights, high volume. i did chest and bis/tris.

today was metcons and hill sprints. all while feeling like my pecs and anterior delts were falling off due to yesterday.

i have since died and am writing this from hell.

also – i went to the doctor yesterday because i had this skin tag that had suddenly started to look funny. she just lopped it off, and then it proceeded to not stop bleeding. and now i have a hole in my boob. and i benched after that haha.

i am in possession of the scores to all 9 beethoven symphonies, and recordings of all but nos. 4 and 7 (the CD didn’t work – boooo). heading home now to get down to business.

also, windstream is incompetent and i won’t have internet until next friday. i don’t even know.

this has been a post.


all my excites; all my grumps.

i’m writing this post while sitting in barnes and noble. on friday afternoon. so yes, it’s queued. more on that later.

all my excites!

  • the semester is over!! i had a great semester, really – fantastic students, good coursework that wasn’t too extremely difficult, and i learned a lot about various things (teaching, research, academic bureaucracy).
  • it’s summer!! which means lots of things for me, all of which give me excites:
    • it’s the summer of the symphony. i have 18 months until quals, and this summer is dedicated in part to learning the major symphonies. all of beethoven, the major mozart and haydns, brahms, MAHLER!!, sibelius, dvorak, stravinsky, tchaik, prokofiev…score study and listening, come at me!
    • i just bought a cookbook on clearance for 2 dollars. i’m going to continue to not eat PB&J every day, guys!
    • revamped training and programming, which i talked about earlier this week. i made a training plan for the bluegrass 10,000 which is relatively low volume (max 23 miles/week) and has 800s instead of mile repeats. i’m also adding in hill repeats once a week, either after tempo runs or in place of them haha. since we know how i feel about tempo runs! i’m also committing to metcons twice a week, volume lifts over maxes, and all in all getting pumped to shock the system and do work!
    • sun sun sun i cannot wait for sun!! (yes i wear sunscreen. i have 3 gnarly scars from a melanoma/pre-melanoma issue several years back. but still…vitamin d!!)
  • i have a hair appointment in an hour. i love my hairdresser.

all my grumps!

  • i submitted a request to windstream to get interwebs. on april 20th. “we’ll be in contact in 48 hours,” they sez. “if you don’t hear from us, call us,” they sez. two days go by and so i call. “you submitted your request on a saturday,” they sez. “you have to give us 48 hours of WEEKDAY hours,” they sez. “call back wednesday,” they sez. wednesday i call. “the soonest we can get somebody there is may 3rd,” they sez. i huff but agree. today (may 3rd) i call in the morning, juuuust to be sure. “oh we had to cancel that,” they sez. “WERE YOU GOING TO TELL ME?!” i sez. “…” they sez.
  • the regional manager was supposed to call me to give me an ETA on my interwebs. it’s 5pm on friday and i have gotten no call. i’ll go ahead and assume i won’t hear anything until monday, and only then if i’m extremely lucky. until then…web-less.
  • i’m working on regaining flexibility (boo, surgery) and the last couples of degrees of flexion in my knee. the joint isn’t stopping me; it’s my damn gastroc head that keeps seizing. so every morning after i finish lifting, i’ve been forcing my sorry self to sit on my heels for 1-3 minutes. it sucks. but it’s starting to suck less. but i’m super sore for the rest of the day. ::grump, grump::
  • my credit card bill is going to be out of control this month due to this godforsaken surprise move across town. like…out of control. plus my tuition bill just hit (yes, in the last week of the semester. go cats.) granted i’ve got full funding so i only pay a couple of hundred every semester for mandatory fees and things…but it’s a couple hundred on top of all the shit necessities i got for my new place.

now i’m going to go purchase my 2$ cookbook and chat up the guys at complete nutrition, which is right next door to my salon. because it’s the first friday of summer and that’s how i roll.

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short circuit.

as usual, i have three partially-written posts in my drafts and no energy or mental capacity to finish any of them right now, because they’re all relatively thought-provoking and emotion-laden.

instead, let’s talk about the fun stuff: training and running!!

i took my first post-race run yesterday, and it felt glorious. legs were a bit heavy – i had also done some light squats and deadlifts the day before though – and i kept it to 3 miles, easy pace. i was so glad to get out there again. and having trained for the derby forcing myself to calm down and run slower, and then smoking the race proper, i have much more trust in that training style now. i’ll spend the summer being okay with being slower on those easy days!

i’ve taken pretty much this entire week easy, training-wise. no big lifts; mostly high volume stuff.

and then last night i thought, “i want to do something different!” i only had an hour at the gym this morning because i was proctoring an exam for a colleague, so i had to get creative. which led to…jenn’s foray into a quasi-metcon/circuit.

Circuit A (3 rounds, 2:00 rest between rounds):
–> 15 wall balls (16# ball)
–> 10 burpees
–> 10 box jumps (18″ box)
–> 1:00 plank (with 10# plate on back)

Circuit B (3 rounds, 2:00 rest between rounds):
–> 65# front squat (10 reps)
–> 65# barbell row (10 reps)
–> 40# strict overhead press (10 reps)
–> parallel-grip pull-ups (3 reps)

thoughts upon completion: i’m obsessed. i love this kind of stuff and need to do it more frequently. the first circuit was mostly cardio and hip drive/leg power (with the wall balls and box jumps). i’ve never done box jumps before – like, ever – and i’m duly surprised i didn’t faceplant at least once.

the second circuit was barbell movement-focused. the OHPs were supposed to be clean and presses, but i was arching my lower back a ton so i just made them into OHPs, and they felt super light. so next time if i do this i’ll just stay in the squat rack, pull the plates off the bar i use for the other two, and OHP an open bar.

i did high-incline ‘mill walking for 5 minutes before and after, and the whole thing took me about 45 minutes. i was wiped out and sweating like crazy.

this summer i’m going to revamp my training a bit. i want to focus more on high-rep, hypertrophy-type lifting (with some max days thrown in because…max days) and developing more power. i’m strong, just not very explosive. hence the box jumps today. also incorporating hill sprints once a week and 800s should helps develop some hip drive and more explosive legs.

i’m going to run some shorter races this summer – a 10k in july here in lexington, and maybe a 5k or two. i’d like to still keep a long run day, but it’ll probably be a 10-mile max.

anyone have any other suggestions? favorite circuits or exercises you might throw into a circuit?

ETA: also, here are some gems from saturday’s race. i updated my racing page and included one, but the best shots will be below…


exhibit a: finish line. i almost don’t look like i’m about to puke. almost.


exhibit b: ca we just look at the dude in front of me for a hot second?! there are no fewer than a dozen finish line shots where he completely blocked my face/body because he threw his arms up as he crossed the line. what we see here is immediately post-arm-throw. so while i’m flailing int he background…he looks like an irish step dancer.


exhibit c: and finally…i am a short person. however, when the camera manages to catch me JUST as i’m rebounding from the pavement, i instantaneously shrink another 6 inches, rendering me the spitting image of a weeble. a weeble in pink sneakers, with a sickled back foot.