becoming infinite

always learning. always growing. always lifting heavy things.


300 pound pull December 2013i like to lift things up and put them down.

i compete in the 60kg/132lb weight class as a raw powerlifter. i started training seriously in july 2013. when i started training with my coach i had a 130# squat, 115# bench, and a 220# deadlift.

meet #1: bluegrass irontoberfest, 10/2013

squat: 77.5kg/171lb; 91kg/200lb; 91kg/200lb
bench: 50kg/110lb; 55kg/121lb; 55kg/121lb
deadlift: 102kg/225lb; 113kg/249lb; 127.5kg/281lb
total: 255kg/562lb

NERVE CENTRAL! went 5/9 at 55.3kg/122lb body weight. set a state record with my deadlift.

meet #2: georgetown classic, 04/2014

squat: 200lb; 215lb; 215lb (44lb meet PR)
bench: 120lb; 130lb; 140lb (20lb meet PR)
deadlift: 275lb; 300lb; 300lb
total: 620lb (58lb meet PR)

competed as a 60kg/132lb (weighed in 125.4lb). set state records in squat, bench, and total. was exhausted by the time deads rolled around; disappointed in that but overall pleased!

training PRs (in pounds – ‘MURICA!):
squat: 275×1 (wraps)
squat: 255×1 (no wraps)
squat: 245×3 (no wraps)
bench: 140×1
bench: 125×3
deadlift: 305×1
deadlift: 285×3
push press: 105×3

training goals:
squat 185 DONE 2/2014
squat 200 DONE 2/2014
squat 215 DONE 3/2014
squat 225 DONE 5/2014
squat 250 DONE 8/2014
squat 275 DONE 8/2014
squat 300
bench 135 DONE 10/2013
bench 145
deadlift 300 DONE 12/2013
deadlift 315
do 10 pull-ups

meet goals:
squat 245
bench 140
deadlift 315
total 700


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