becoming infinite

always learning. always growing. always lifting heavy things.


you could say running was my “first love” as far as competitive athletics is concerned. when i decided to make the full switch over to powerlifting, i had to say goodbye to my ‘other’ favorite past-time. but running has brought me so much joy and peace and taught me an extraordinary amount about myself.

i ran my first road race in june of 2009, and was immediately hooked. i then proceeded to spend the next two years injured. beginning the summer before my second year as a master’s student, i figured out how to avoid major injuries (ie good shoes, foam rolling, and squats) and have been on a constant quest for runner’s high ever since.

everybody runs for different reasons. while i started running as a way to test my limits, but in 2012 it became something much more powerful – more on that here if you’re interested.

i am also on a constant quest for a combination of socks and shoes that don’t cause terrible blisters and black toe. it’s a process. i’m currently a fan of the saucony guide 6 (i have the neon pink, the grey, and the turquoise ones in my rotation right now) and these socks.

june 2009 – ruthie dino 5k. first race. i had been running ‘practice’ 5ks and was coming in around 27 minutes. when i saw 23:35 on the clock as i crossed the finish line i was totally floored – and so was my first experience with the miracle of adrenaline! i placed 3rd in my age group and was hooked on racing!

july 2009 – red dress run for women 5k. nearly a thousand women ran in this race, it was insane. i think i placed 5th in my age group? clocked 23:14. with the onset of my senior year of college and a series of injuries, this was my last race for a ridiculously long time. i also clearly thought this was my lucky racing outfit.

september 2011 – embrace your city 5k. finally back and injury-free! the most terrible racing conditions – mid-90s and humid. ran a 23:11 – i was disappointed i didn’t scoot in under 23 minutes – but took the female overall. bought myself some REAL running shoes after this one. finally.

october 2011 – a 10k whose name escapes me. first 10k/longest race i had ever done at the time. ran a smart race, clocked in at 46:25, and won my age division. of course, since i placed 4th female overall that means i automatically won whatever division i was in hehe.

november 2011 – louisville sports commission half marathon. (i have no photo for this one – sadness!) i had been planning and training for this one, and was SO excited and nervous for my first half-marathon. it was a good course, but a very windy day. i ran  a 1:47:54 time, and even though i was disappointed with that, i learned a lot about racing at that distance and things i would need to do the next time around.

march 2012 – run the bluegrass half marathon. i ran this guy SUPER last-minute, so i wasn’t tapered and didn’t have time to work myself into a mental tizzy. it was a great day for racing, and the course was gorgeous. just very, VERY hilly. 23 hills, to be precise. so my 1:49:30 felt like a victory, even if it wasn’t a PR. but all those downhills gave me a torn meniscus.

april 2012 – derby festival half marathon. this was five days before my knee surgery. i had been in so much pain that i hadn’t run in ten days, and hadn’t done a long run since the RTB half four weeks prior. i was still determined to run a sub-1:45:00 though, on guts and heart alone. i clocked 1:42:52, and although the race was a HUGE struggle – i went out too fast (i actually PRed my 5k at the split clock – who does that?!) and didn’t run in any sort of intelligent way until about halfway through – it was all worth it.

november 2012 – new paltz turkey trot 5k. first post-op race!! although i scoured the website, i couldn’t find a photo of myself hidden in there. whomp whomp. but it felt great to be racing again! i PRed by a minute – 22:07 – and was the 9th female, 87th overall. knee felt amazing, and legs fared well too!


march 2013 – railrunner 10-miler. first “big” race since surgery. totally got destroyed. my legs are definitely still not as strong as they were a year ago/prior to my surgery, but what shocked me more was how i mentally crumbled. i ran a 1:23:02 (although my garmin has me ten seconds faster) and was a big ball of frustration. this guy next to me was my little angel though – i paced with him for about half the race. and really, can i ever not look like i’m about to puke?

derby 2013

april 2013 – derby festival half marathon. talk about a long-awaited return! this was my first half since surgery, and last year’s derby was my last half before surgery. i made 2 pacts with myself prior to the race: (1) to not expect greatness – the greatness existed simply in all of the rehab since the knee reconstruction! and (2) to not go out too fast, a la last year. i was shooting for around a 1:50:00 finish time, but i totally surprised myself and pulled a 1:42:54 – just 2 seconds slower than last year! considering all that went on in between last year’s derby and this year’s, i was more than pleased! (i also wore the same shirt as last year. merp.)

sub-1:45:00 half marathon (DONE – 4/28/2012)
sub-1:40:00 half-marathon
sub-23:00 5k (DONE – 4/28/2012)
sub-22:00 5k
sub-7:00 mile (DONE on a treadmill – 3/20/2013)


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