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throwin’ it back.

here’s a little throwback thursday for ya! (sorry, i can’t figure out how to embed videos!)

this was nearly exactly a year ago, when my other yogi colleagues and myself made a promo video for campus recreation! here i am in my power yoga teaching glory. : )

i actually had a good chuckle watching this, and it’s crazy to think that was an entire year ago!

  • my hair, thank goodness, has grown out of that horrid awkward phase. (new friends, i donate my hair every couple of years. i was, and still am, growing out this particular chop.)
  • i was just beginning my training cycle for the derby half marathon when this was filmed. running ~3o miles a week; lifting minimally. you can tell the difference in my body – i’ve put on 10-15lbs. since then, my back is broader, my quads are bigger, and i’m slightly fluffier. : )
  • i hate my voice but i guess i’m stuck with it.

a lot can happen in a year! (just ask my hairdresser – she’s always marveling at how quickly my mop grows.)

i have some interesting/fun things on the horizon that i’m getting ready to post about. until then, finishing up these first few days back to the class and teaching grind, and getting ready for some heavy squats tomorrow!




i’m itching for a change. sadly, i just cut all of my hair off less than a month ago. i don’t want to dye or highlight it because i’m (a) lazy and (b) cheap, so the upkeep required for hair coloration is just not up my alley.

the only piercing i have ever wanted is my nose, and i’ve got it.

i would, however, love to get another tattoo. i’ve been pondering it for a while. my mom used to send me cards all the time once i moved to kentucky – random ones, for no particular reason, and also for halloween and valentine’s day and other little holidays. i saved them all. i want to bring one into a tattoo artist and get my mom’s handwriting – “love ya, momma” – tattooed on either my ribs or my foot. (i was also thinking the back of my neck, but i already have a tattoo in a place i can’t see – it’s behind my ear, and half the time i forget which ear it’s actually behind – and while i like it well enough, i want to be able to see this one.)

really i’m just itching to get out of me. do something that will make me feel altered, unlike myself, at least for a little while. sure, i’ll always come back to being me. hell, i hate my haircut, and if i don’t get it touched up soon i’m going to resemble a dandelion puff with eyes, but it served a damn good purpose at the time: got me out of a rut; put me in control of my life, even if it was just my hair; and doubled (tripled?) as a locks of love donation.

i just need a change, need to be a little less me for a while.


beauty in the breakdown.

i think the news about roxy was my breaking point. i cried for a good 15 hours, giving myself a headache in the process. and then got out of bed at 8:00 this morning, made myself quasi-presentable (quite a feat when there were intermittent crying jags) and got in the car at ten.

at eleven i was sitting in my hairdresser’s chair, telling her bluntly that i was donating my hair, i didn’t care that i just barely had the minimum length of 10″, and just…let’s go.

my hairdresser is a hoot and i adore her. we talked nonstop the entire hour. i wanted short and funky; that’s damn well what i got. sure, i didn’t change anything about the circumstances surrounding my life. but (a) i donated something i am blessed to have naturally, to an organization that makes it into a beautiful gift for a child who isn’t so lucky; (b) spontanaeity can do the heart good; and (c) it’s less permanent than the tattoo i was also contemplating.

am i any less sad about roxy? no. did this bring my mom back? of course not. but sometimes you just want to not feel like you, even if it’s just for the hour that you’re watching your hair drop to the floor in tufts.

we do what we have to do to survive, to keep going. one foot in front of the other can take you to all the ends of the earth.