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always learning. always growing. always lifting heavy things.


fall 2013: compartmentalizing and finding balance.

the semester began officially on wednesday. by friday afternoon i needed an energy drink to make it through training.

it’s gonna be a rough ride from here till december 20th, guys.

however, i’m trying something new this term: compartmentalizing. as much as i can, i’m going to try and keep school/TA duties on campus (at the office and in the libraries) or at coffee shops, training at the gyms (except for watching youtube videos of boss lifters, of course!), and thus keep home free for eating, relaxing, and blogging.

this will serve two purposes (i hope):

1. it will make it easier for me to sleep. last year i didn’t have these boundaries and every night when i would try to fall asleep it would take forever because my mind would still be whirring about the quizzes i had just graded or the article i had read but wanted to go over again. hopefully if i train myself to think home = rest, i’ll sleep better. and

2. i’ll be more productive with my actual work. if i know that when i get home i can take off my pants and lay in bed eating pop-tarts and watching youtube, i’ll be able to focus better while i’m on campus to get my shit done so that it can stay there.

so far it’s working well enough! it means the trunk of my car is consistently full of all five of my binders, but i’ll always be prepared!

i can tell i’m going to be challenged a lot this term, as a student and as a teacher. i’m looking forward to everything i’ve got going on, as opposed to last year when i dreaded half of my classes.

and of course i have training. i have a more in-depth post in the works about how lifting has been going and my thoughts on PL as a sport and as a sport for me, but since that’s not ready yet…here’s a video of my squatting with chains on friday.

this is also the media debut of my lovely new inzer belt. plus, i’m really pleased with my squat progress. no more butt wink!!



look, it’s a me.

i’ve been AWOL yet this will still be short and lack substance.

it’s the last week of summer. i’m mildly prepared for teaching. TR @ 8am and MWF @ 9am, plus four yoga classes a week. thursday i’m killing a few dozen trees to print out syllabi and assorted worksheets. where did summer goooo??

training is going really really well. i sent in my registration for the meet, ad ordered my belt today. i don’t want to discuss the price; i’m telling myself it’s a lifelong investment, since inzers literally last forever. i still need to order my singlet and knee wraps, but i’m going to wait until my academic year paychecks start coming in, since they’re 8x larger than my summer ones.

speaking of training, here’s my deadlift PR from monday. i literally uploaded my first video to youtube just so i could show you guys.

notice the derpy smile at the end haha. it was my first day pulling sumo. and then a PR happened.

real writing soon, i swear.


…how about you?

once upon a time (little known fact here), i fell in love with slam poetry. to the point where i considered doing my master’s thesis on rhythmic transcriptions of spoken word performances.

instead, i just watch a lot of slam poets on youtube.

this piece remains one of my very favorites, for various reasons.really, if you only have 3 minutes to either read my post or watch the video…watch the video. it’s that good.

i can easily rattle off to you a dozen of my friends who are working teachers right now. two of them went to cornell with me – yes, ivy league education and then became a teacher. another one, i grew up with, and she is one of the most intelligent women i know. another was my best friend in middle and high school, and is so perfectly suited for what she does (teaching 3rd grade) – she puts SO much into her job, into her students, and is incredibly smart and has a love for literature that i know she passes on.

a good friend of mine from high school teaches at a charter school in jersey…talk about changing lives. every single student that walks into that system is getting a wealth of amazing opportunities, from teachers who have been hand-picked because of their intelligence but also because of their enthusiasm, their creativity, the sheer size of their hearts.

the list goes on and on…so many of us have decided, in one form or another, to become educators. i never thought i would be teaching, at the college level or otherwise. never in a million years would i have imagined how much i would love it, commit to it. yet here i am. not because i couldn’t do anything else; because i don’t want to do anything else.

i don’t care if you teach second grade or secondary ed; it doesn’t matter if you spend your days with play-doh and crayons or with bunsen burners and amino acid compounds. teaching is teaching, and it is damn hard and, contrary to some peoples’ beliefs, it is a goddamn respectable profession.

i can always tell when, at 18 years old, i get a student who has never had an ounce of respect for a teacher in their life. who thinks that they’re above the plebian tasks of homework and actually attending class. who clearly thinks that the person standing in front of them and twenty other peers has failed in some monumental way, and had to slink back to academia with their tail between their legs, stooping so low as to teach classes for a living.

…have you watched that video yet? watch it.

and listen to that last line. and again.

“i make a goddamn difference. what about you?”



friday media bomb, yo.

happy beginning of the holiday weekend!!

i survived my first full week of classes/work/teaching/derby half training. my tempo run on wednesday nearly ended me, but i squat 125# ATG like a champ on thursday and my knee is holding up better than i could ask for. however, while i was doing deadlifts today, this happened:

deadlift injury

little bit of a callous tear. happened on my first single at 145#. got some bacitracin and a bandage, and then pulled my other two singles. because i felt strong and that was a PR and i was not letting up. see also: effing stubborn fool.

i’m a little bit obsessed with the classes i’m teaching. i just…god i love what i do. these kids make me smile, every damn day. even teaching at 5pm on a friday.

you may notice the band on my finger in the above photo. you know, once you get past the gnarly callous. note, this is my right hand and that is my middle finger. so no, not an engagement ring.

well, sort of.

right after my mom died, i had her engagement ring made into a pendant.

while i was home for thanksgiving, the chain broke. and so i found myself back at the jeweler in december, having the stone pulled back out of the pendant and put back into my mom’s original setting. which i had kept.


i can’t find my camera, which is why it’s taken me so long to post about this. photobooth does NOT do it justice.

and just in case you’re bored on this friday night and want to see what i do to earn my yoga teacher stripes…i’m now a youtube star – slash – yoga video ho. you can get your yoga on at home, with me and my chipmunk voice!

that’s probably the most i’ve written in a long time. now to grade, eat some foodstuffs, and get some much-anticipated sleep!