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i came. i napped. i conquered.

this is going to be a mixed-bag post, as all of my more lucid and thought-out ones are incomplete and in my drafts.

it’s thursday, which is close enough to friday to begin to rejoice in the weekend. my week in a nutshell consisted of teaching seven group fitness classes – four of them mine, three as subs for other instructors. two of the classes i subbed were 630am spin classes…which means that i taught a 630am spin class four days in a row – my regular MW classes, and the TTh classes i subbed. 0/10 do not recommend (although i appreciate the extra money).

i had two awesome lifts – tuesday and yesterday. tuesday i did legs, which was atrociously hard but awesome. my surgical quad is still sore. and yesterday i did shoulders and back, which is my favorite day of my split. besides maybe legs. hmm. but anyhoo, 30# dumbbell snatches. YES.

couple those last 2 paragraphs together and you get an exhausted, beat up jenn by the time i was done teaching this morning. i changed, benched, started my accessory work…and just gave up. i considered still going for my run, but in the end i shot the shit with the guys at front desk for a while, then packed my stuff and came home. i ate a tuna sandwich and some ice cream, started reading a book…and napped like a champ for three hours.

like, the kind of nap where you put your head down, twitch once or twice, and are fast asleep within 90 seconds.

i have since woken up (obviously), showered, and am contentedly browsing the interwebs and getting ready to go back to my book. in other words: i kind of took a rest day! and it was awesome.

this week also brought a very strange and kind of awkward milestone for me. you see, it’s hot as balls in kentucky, and humid as hell. so on tuesday by the time i was done teaching and lifting – around 1030am – and i had a 4-miler to knock out, it was gross outside. which led me to do something i never thought i would have the balls to do: i said to hell with my shirt and ran in a sports bra and shorts. (i told you this was slightly awkward.) but really – i have NEVER been”okay” enough with myself to do that. but at this point – my body works hard, it’s strong, it’s pretty awesome…and it’s balls hot outside and wearing a shirt while running makes me want to cry.

so i ran in a neon orange sports bra and blue shorts and a tow truck driver honked at me while i was stopped at a light. (approval accepted, dude.) and it was a hell of a lot cooler without a shirt.

i may run a 5k on saturday. it’s local and free. i also think that my boric acid has killed a large percentage of my bugs, and thus far has not killed me – double plus. i have legs tomorrow, including deadlifts, which of course makes me the most excited. (this may not bode well if i decide to run that 5k on saturday, but whatever!)

the take-away of this post: i took a quasi-rest day and it was awesome. naps are the best. and so is ice cream. boom.



oh, hey – it’s june.

when did that happen?!

the last week of may brought me an ass-kicking tempo run (5 miles total, middle 3 being tempo. goal pace of 7:34; splits 7:23, 7:20, 7:15 – outdoors, and for the first time this cycle i didn’t hit a light until the final mile. i feel like i’m learning my legs more and more every time i take a speed workout outside/off the treadmill).

after said tempo run i had about 90 minutes to kill before i subbed a cycling class. so in my imminent wisdom, i stripped off my shirt and collapsed into a sweaty heap sat delicately on the lawn outside of the gym. i of course fell asleep, and that 11am cat-nap led to:


hi my name is jenn and i’m PALE. and even though the rest of my body had gotten quite tan from running my belly had not actually seen the sun yet. soooo…exhibit a.

whomp whomp.

more fitness thoughts: i’m finishing up Week 4 of my training cycle/new lifting plan. i know i shouldn’t expect to see results yet (as far as my new lifting plan/wanting to get more size), but i’m going to tweak what i’m doing a bit anyhow. namely, more compound movements and actually training my legs in earnest at least once a week. i’m not as serious about my running plan for this race, so i don’t have to be as concerned about smoking my legs on a lift.

this is Project: Stop Being a Noodle. welcome to the ride! (in honor of P:SBAN i may have had a 4-egg omelet with cheese and two chopped up turkey burgers for breakfast. and toast. don’t judge.)


significance in numbers.

every now and again something will happen and i’ll think; “i should write a blog post about this.” but it’s always something small and somewhat insignificant, and i never get around to it. but today i have decided to compile a handful of those small and insignificant things to create a mid-sized, slightly more significant post.

insignificant thought #1. it’s safe to say that anybody who works in retail has probably, on at least one occasion in their lives, been the buyer. more specifically, they have at some time received change for a purchase. which is why it baffles me to no end that NOBODY had EVER realized that, when giving change back to a customer, give them the coins first. coins first, straight into their hand, then the bills and receipt. when you give them the paper first, nine times out of ten the coins proceed to slide down the chute of bills and receipt paper and land all the eff over the counter. seriously though, this procedure should be a part of cashier orientations everywhere.

insignificant thought #2. this is a concept i’ll refer to as “the alternate merge.” when, say, a line of traffic is moving through and another line of cars is waiting (i’m from new york and this happens a lot in construction zones on the highway – the highway traffic itself is moving slowly and the exit ramp is often at a dead stop with people waiting to join the party), you practice The Alternate Merge. each person allows one car in. one car. per person. which means that, no, sir, you may NOT attach yourself to the ass bumper of the car in front of you and expect me to let you both in. wait you hot damn turn, you will enter the highway in another 7.2 seconds. just play by the rules and nobody has to hear any colorful language or honking horns. The Alternate Merge. just do it.

insignificant thought #3. being that i’m a runner and i also travel by foot quite a lot during the day around campus and the area, i absolutely admit that some pedestrians are assholes. they think they possess a no-holds-barred “right of way” that extends waaaay beyond the crosswalk when they have the little blue flashing man. yet that being said…when it’s pouring outside, or snowing, or balls effing cold…would it kill you, anonymous motorist, to slow down and let that student carrying seventeen textbooks and an umbrella cross the street? it’s campus and we have a speed limit of about 10mph anyway – how far would you have gone in the five seconds it took you to stop? and besides – you’re in a nice climate controlled and dry car; this poor bastard is freezing their ass off and/or getting soaked.

i feel like this will be an ongoing list. which, rather than “insignificant thoughts,” could be titled “things that piss jenn off.” but, really, same difference.

i also PRed my bench today – 115#, came up really smooth. and i drank powerade while i was lifting to try and get some electrolytes back after yesterday’s violent illness debacle.

back to real life/class/work/4:45am wake-up tomorrow. i also have my last appointment with dr. surgeon-man. i think this is supposed to be my 1-year appointment. so why i’m having it at 10 1/2 months is beyond me.


go out with a bang.

this week – and my spring break – flew by. i got some good work done – today i pretty much finished up the exam and key we’ll need for thursday’s meeting, i have almost half of my evaluation project on paper, my measurement reading is nearly done, and i got a start on my final paper for my independent study.

i also bought some new fitness gear and new protein, which is actually pretty exciting in my world! and i have slept in (okay, the latest i got up was 6:45, but whatever) every day this week! and i PRed my deadlift. and my 3RM deadlift. and my 3RM bench. gotta love having nothing to do in the mornings!

now it’s friday afternoon, and i’m sitting here drinking apple beer and unwinding/taking some time to plan my upcoming week.

shannon (whose blog you should definitely check out) made a perfectly-timed post about running this afternoon, and i received an equally-perfectly-timed e-mail that both kicked me right when and where i needed it.

i have a 12-miler planned for tomorrow. all this week i had been thinking, “i got my ass kicked at the RailRunner. i need to be training harder, running faster.” but reading her post/the article linked reminded me that my thinking, like so many runners’, tends to be a bit backwards sometimes. and really, i’ve had veteran runners tell me several times that i train too fast, i need to lay back. and since they all train slower than i do yet beat me on race day, i know they’re right.

that competitive part of me just has such a hard time not treating every run as an opportunity to completely wipe myself out.

that being said – my goal for tomorrow is to calm the eff down. (put so delicately, i know.) i have twelve miles, and i want negative splits. but more importantly, i want to enjoy myself, be out there taking in the area (i’m venturing to a different part of town to ease my wanderlust) and enjoying what my body can do, not constantly trying to push it to its limit.

that’s what race day is for.

okay, or speedwork, let’s be honest.

so at this time tomorrow i will hopefully be blogging about how i had a lovely, luxurious (yea maybe that’s a bit much), enjoyable 12-miler.

i have six weeks until the derb. after last weekend’s disastrous showing, i know i have a LOT to work on. and it’s mostly mental – i need to be okay with being slower when i train. i need to not always have to be going my balls-to-the-wall fastest pace ever.

i haven’t completely given up my sub-1:40:00 hopes for this race, not yet. but that’s not my main goal any more, i don’t think. i would like to run it strong, with negative splits, and feel accomplished at the end. there’s a half in the fall in lexington that i can use for my triumphant blazing time if i like; right now i need to remember that 9 months ago i couldn’t walk without crutches, couldn’t go down a flight of stairs, couldn’t get into and out of a shower. 7 months ago i started running again, in 30 second increments, totaling no more than 5 minutes per day, 3 days per week.

only 5 months ago did i go for my first continuous run – capped at 15 minutes.

i’ve come a long way. i need to remember this.

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sh!t’s about to get real.

i’m leaving tomorrow afternoon for indiana, for the IU Graduate Theory Symposium. i’ll be giving my paper – a snapshot of my master’s thesis – at the 2pm session on saturday.

i guess this means i’m somewhat of an academic. and that i’ve somehow tricked people into thinking i’m smarter than the average bear.

and then they’ll meet me and i’ll laugh once – it only takes one time – and my academic allure will come crumbling down to the tune of my cackle.

but seriously. i’m a wreck. i did a run-through of my presentation for one of my faculty members and he was very pleased with it. and he’s a genius, so that assuaged some fears. now i just need to stay calm and not be a spaz and not stutter when i get up there. because saying “interval identification” and “statistically significant” three million and two times in the span of twenty minutes is challenging as hell, let me tell ya.

but in way more interesting news – aka training – my legs are slightly dead from yesterday’s tempo run and all of my new PT homework. i shuffled my lifting schedule around a bit and did volume deadlifts and volume bench today, plus some chest and back accessory work. for my DLs i increased my 5×8 weight to 130# this week. it was hard but good. pulled 3×3 at 150# too just for giggles. and bench i kept my 5×8 at 80#, then 3×5 at 90#. tried that last week and failed the last rep of the third set of 70# – that high-volume, short rest period thing is no joke. form felt really solid today though and these were perfectly challenging.

it’ll be weird to have saturday completely run-and-lift-free. but i think it’ll be a nice chance to recharge. i’ll be doing my 10-miler on sunday when i get back, and not touching a barbell again till monday.

but monday will bring me a 190# deadlift. i hope. it better, man.



oh hi guys.

i benched 105# today.


i thought the first single might have been a fluke…so i tried again just to make sure.

that was after three triples at 100#. which i had never benched before, either.

and then i benched a burn set at 85# and probably turned purple because all of a sudden all those heavier pushes caught up with me and i was all but spasming by the 8th rep.

this is my life.

i also front and back squat, and did chest/back accessory work. because it’s sunday and i do what i want.

i had to take a break after my back squats to have a peanut butter sandwich snack LMAO. who the hell am i.

hip flexor is slowly improving – thank you, mobility work and foam rolling – so i’m hoping that between that and consistent unilateral work on my surgical side my squat will start to improve. seeing as i’ve been squatting the same weight for seemingly forever.

in other news, i want to eat everything in sight right now.

i love training. i love getting stronger. this is my life and it’s awesome.

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this has been a post.

some random thoughts as i head to bed. yes, at 10pm on a friday. judge away.

firstly, we got snow last night. a whole inch. which meant the entirety of fayette county had a shit fit. the university was closed until 10am. which is when i teach my first class. which meant no morning lift for me. i was super-bummed. but then a funny thing happened: i spent the entire day bouncing around excitedly, waiting for the second i finished teaching (6pm) to go deadlift.

which made me think. i honestly don’t do this because i feel like i “should” or that i “have to.” i actually, honest-to-goodness love it. i couldn’t wait to get myself to the gym to lift.

and then i descended upon the 630pm bro-hour, and had to huffily dodge people and wait for racks to open up and all of the shit i avoid by going to the gym at 6am.

but whatever works, i pulled 40 reps at my 70%ish weight plus a little bit of work a bit heavier. did some front squats and push presses and derpy calf raises. and now i’m home and cuddled under blankets and about to go to bed.

i’m on lockdown this weekend, though, seriously. long run tomorrow (in the snow. awesome), awesome long lift on sunday plus teaching…and in between and around, i am up to my ears in grading and coursework and lesson plans and this damn presentation. no play. my play is running in my pink shoes and throwing heavy things around.

yea…this has been a post.